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Real Estate & Property Law

Real Estate & Property Law

Real Estate & Property Legal Services

Our lawyers and their extensive experience in real estate & property laws provide tailored solutions according to client’s needs by offering services for real estate acquisition for residential, commercial and industrial development, due diligence, investments, financing, RERA advisory, REITs and more.

Our firm specializes in providing end-to-end compliance solutions from advising promoters and developers on intricate compliance matters to managing project registrations.

Our firm offers adept legal representation and litigation support whether it's handling disputes or representing clients in regulatory proceedings. We ensure robust legal defense and advocacy to safeguard our client’s interests.

We offer services on RERA compliance along with other legal services including due diligence, title searches, land acquisition, project development, leasing, SPV acquisitions and more.

Our Services

RERA Litigation

We handle litigation and represent clients with RERA regulatory authority and Appellate Authority. We Advise promoters and developers on various RERA compliances, including Waterfall Provisions. We also advise on the RERA registration of projects.

Conversion from leasehold to freehold

We specialize in assisting clients in navigating the conversion process from leasehold to freehold properties. With a deep understanding of the legal intricacies involved, our team guides clients through every step of the conversion process.

Title Investigation

We handle title Investigation of properties. Our team examines title documents of the property including deeds, agreements and any other relevant documents to verify the ownership, leasehold rights and development rights.

Project Development

We advice clients on structuring construction contracts, development agreements and joint development contracts. We also draft essential project documentation, including sale/allotment deeds, possession letters and agreements of sale to facilitate seamless project execution.

Land Acquisition Services

With our experience in property law, we are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of land acquisition for our clients. This includes researching ownership rights, leasehold arrangements, development restrictions and any potential legal encumbrances that may affect the acquisition.

Leasing Assistance

We negotiate favourable lease terms and ensure their interests are protected throughout the leasing process. We conduct thorough due diligence and title searches to verify the legal status of properties, advising on stamp duty, registration and drafting lease deeds.

Why Trust Raizada Law Associates?

Our precision and comprehensive approach in navigating the complexities of tax legislation and practice is your strategic advantage in a dynamic legal environment.

why choose us

Legal Expertise

We are legal professionals with expertise in property law, including RERA compliance, real estate transactions and dispute resolution.

Commitment to Client Success

We prioritize client success by maintaining open communication, promptly addressing client inquiries and providing regular updates on the progress of their cases.

Legal Guidance

Our team combines years of expertise with a personalized approach to ensure your success and peace of mind.

Proactive Risk Management

We ensure that the potential legal challenges and risks are addressed before they become problems, securing your peace of mind and future of the business.

Meet Our Team

We bring a wealth of knowledge and a passionate commitment to every case. We’re not just attorneys; we’re advocates who believe in making a difference in our clients’ lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Raizada Law Associates provides a wide range of services including legal assistance in land acquisitions, lease agreements, project development, title investigations and compliance with real estate regulations such as RERA.

Raizada Law Associates offers a combination of legal expertise, commitment to client success, proactive risk management and personalized service to deliver effective solutions tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

RERA (Real Estate Regulation and Development Act) compliance involves adhering to regulations set forth by the government to ensure transparency, accountability and consumer protection in real estate transactions. Raizada Law Associates can help you understand and comply with RERA requirements.

Yes, our firm provides legal representation in real estate-related litigation, ensuring effective dispute resolution before various forums and courts.

Our firm maintains open communication, providing regular updates and transparent information on the progress of cases, transactions or projects with the clients.

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